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Come hang out with me on Twitch! by Backwardstwin2
Come hang out with me on Twitch!
Hey all, I'm going to be streaming here in the next 10 minutes, why not come and hang out with me as I work? 

See you all on Twitch!
[MIDI]'s Cubia and Yutu by Backwardstwin2
[MIDI]'s Cubia and Yutu

Here's some artwork I did for my favorite place to hang out on the Grid (Secondlife), [MIDI]! This is of their original characters Cubia and Yutu. Can you figure out which one is the dangerous one? Looks can be deceiving!

The credit of Cubia goes to my friends Lain and Aurora, and the credit of Yutu goes to me and Lain, along with a lot of our friends at [MIDI] who have helped develop these characters along the way

Suzy and holly by Backwardstwin2
Suzy and holly
Finally done! I was knocked down for a while in the last month, so I spent a lot of time watching let’s plays, including a lot of Game Grumps. Suzy and Holly are awesome. These ladies deserve a lot more credit! 
Reb's offline screen by Backwardstwin2
Reb's offline screen
Hey ya'll. I'm just sharing my offline screen for my stream on So yeah. Hopefully I'll see you on the next stream.
Sketches from 29/7 Livestream by Backwardstwin2
Sketches from 29/7 Livestream
Thank you to everyone who came to the stream late last night/ early this morning! Here are some of the free sketches I gave out towards the end!

Hina -
Zeb -…
Lain -…
(the furaffinity links I can never promise will be safe for work)

Anyways, I have gotten a lot of headway done on my fanart piece. Thanks again for being there all, it means a lot to me <3
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends (and my Australian friends  I wish I could show you all about Thanksgiving. Maybe next year.) In honor of the holiday, I thought I would do something special. A surprise.

it's quite a big surprise too, if you've been friends with me for a while. I'm bringing back American Punk officially!

For those who don't know, American Punk was an autobiographical comic that I was running for a couple of years back in America. In total I made about fifty of them, and you can read them all here:

Now, however, I bring you American Punk: Down Under. There are a couple of new things I'm adding to the mix.

1.) Update every Friday, even if it's not a current week's worth of material (as long as it happened at one point, it's fair game)

2.) Make a music playlist for every week. This week we are starting with Beginner's ska.

3.) Always in color and always shaded.

So that's all it really is. You can find it here, so mark your bookmarks!

Follow us on Spotify:

And if you have a music suggestion please email me an email with the header "MUSIC SUGGESTION" to

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so very thankful for all of you!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
:iconmortogg: :date: :iconbackwardstwin2:

Likes: Playing her ukuleles, talking about things, watching movies, finding pastel goth stuff, working hard, and drawing

Dislikes: Long days, hateful people, being far away from Mort, dealing with the heat, and artblock

Age: 24
Sign: Virgo
Religion: Eclectic Pagan
Job: Walgreen's Cashier
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Art Style: A mess
Favorite food: fruit
Favorite game: Animal Crossing New Leaf
Favorite Artists: GiGi DiGi (Cucumber Quest), Milky (Olympus Overdrive), Jess Fink (Chester 5000XYV), and JoJo Seames (The Makeshift Man)

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